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Resident Family Advocate

This team should consist of a minimum of 4-8 individuals interested in mentoring and being supportive of the issues our home-buyers are dealing with daily.

The family advocate is approximately a 12-month commitment averaging 4 to 8 hours a month. 

Financial Education Team

This team requires 1 to 2 committee members

Approximately 20 hours per year.

The team members should enjoy working with individuals and be comfortable discussing finances.

Hospitality Team

This team is responsible for preparing and organizing the dedication. This team requires 2-4 individuals  3-4 times per year. The times needed may grow as the non-profit continues to expand.

Greeter Team

This team should consist of 4 to 8 individuals interested in going to the job site at 8:00 am on the days we work. The individuals should work with the volunteer coordinator, so no one would need to go more than once or twice a month.

Help sign in the volunteers, making sure they sign in and out on the correct time sheet and the writing is legible.

Outreach Team

It should consist of 5 to 8 individuals interested in recruiting new home-buyer applicants.

The approximate time per month is 3-5 hours.

This team would be responsible for distributing informational flyers in the Nassau County area.

Maintenance Team

The maintenance team requires 1 or 2 committee members

Approximately 4 hours per year


This team will go through the maintenance book and discuss with the home-buyer the maintenance their home will need from time to time.

Want to learn more?

Our pdf below has all the detailed information for each of the sections shown above. Any questions, inquire and let us know!

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