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We are on track to build three homes this year for low-income families. We are under the Equal Housing Opportunity act - meaning we select applicants without regard to religion, race, ethnic background, family status, or disability.  


Our Selection Criteria is as follows:

Criteria for Qualifications

  • Must meet Income Guidelines

  • Must have a 2-year stable employment history

  • All existing liens or judgments must be paid

  • Must have lived or worked in Nassau County for at least 12 months

  • Must have the ability to pay their mortgage

Do you have a need for safe and affordable housing? Is your home:

  • Overcrowded

  • Inadequately heated or cooled

  • Structurally unsound

  • Costing more than 30% of your income

  • In a crime or drug infested neighborhood

  • Part of a public housing or Section 8 housing program

Ability to partner

The applicant will have to complete a total of 300 sweat equity hours - which 100 of those hours needs to be completed by the homeowner while 200 of those hours should be completed with friends and family (16 and up), as well as the homeowner. These hours can be completed at their soon-to-be home as well as the second house being built. The homeowner is required to be at the job-site as much as possible.

Mortgage Guidelines

The applicant must accept a 25 to 30-year mortgage and live in the home for the term of the mortgage. The homeowner must make all payments on time. They must accept our mortgage policy.

Financial and Maintenance Education

The homeowner will also need to complete a minimum of 20 hours of financial and maintenance classes.

Pre-purchased Lots

The applicant has to accept a home where we build it.

Property Maintenance Classes

Property maintenance needs to be kept up with constantly:

  • Keep yard mowed - all leaves, trash, and non-running vehicles out of the yard

  • Keep mail box post painted

  • Keep house, eve boards, roof and foundation washed and free of dirt, mold, and mildew

Our process for applying is completed in a few steps. To start this, please contact us for more information. There is quite a bit of paperwork so please be as accurate as possible to prevent future discrepancies.


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