Why Donate to Nassau Habitat for Humanity?

Donations help give us the opportunity to build homes for low income families.


This includes all the materials necessary to build the homes as well as new appliances such as a stove, refrigerator, and microwave. They also get new sinks, tubs, cabinets, etc. Having new products prevents the homeowner from having to replace/repair the broken item out of their own pocket since the products come with a warranty. 

If you would like to support our cause, we would very much appreciate it! If you want to donate through the online option then please click the button below as it will take you to MightyCause - a safe and trustworthy site specifically for donations. If you would rather send a check, please make it out to Nassau Habitat for Humanity and please include in the memo line how you would specifically like for it to be used. 

Please note: The only way to donate directly to N.H.F.H. is through either sending us a check or using the donate button provided below or on our Facebook account. We appreciate every donation, we just want you to be able to donate safely and know where your money will be donated to. Thank you!


How can you donate to Nassau Habitat?


Volunteers are an essential part of our organization. You can volunteer Wednesdays and Saturdays 8-12:30. If you would like to volunteer with us please contact us by clicking the link below


Affordable and free land is another huge part of our organization. Keeping land prices down is a crucial factor in providing our homes at an affordable rate. You can contact us about this at (904)-277-0600 or by clicking the contact form below


Our monetary donations are one of the major pillars in what keeps our organization going. Without these donations we absolutely would not be able to provide affordable housing for all of the families we do. You can do this by clicking the button below or mailing us a check at

516 south 10th St.  suite 115 Fernandina Beach FL

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