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To our newest homeowners!!

The Silva-Cacho family 


Homeowner Application Process Currently Closed

Currently we have completed our goal of 3 homes for 2023 and all homes have been assigned to applicants. We will begin the application process again by end of August 2023 for four homes to be completed in 2024. Please check back or call for further updates.


Nassau Habitat for Humanity

Our Mission:

Building family strength,

stability, and self reliance

through home ownership.

Homeowning Process Simplified

It all starts by reaching out. Call or E-Mail us with the number of people in your family and a good mailing address.

We will first send a pre-application. If the pre-application is returned and meets our requirements, we will then send an

in-depth application to begin the official process.

Once a homeowner is approved they will meet with a few members of our homeowner selection committee to help prepare a budget and learn basic home owning information.

Each homeowner must complete 300 hours of 'sweat equity'.  100 hours  must be completed by the homeowner, the remaining 200 can be supplemented by friends and family.

Once the hours are complete we will close on the house. Our homeowners then begin making regular mortgage payments on a 25-30 year no-interest home loan.


A big THANK YOU to Publix as a continued supporter of Nassau Habitat for Humanity! With your contributions, we can continue to provide affordable workforce housing to many of our neighbors!

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